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Jobs in all motorized equipment sector available on USA Motor Jobs, the place to find a job as a sales consultant that fits your criteria near you. Jobs in the automotive field are available near you. Asking yourself or Google to find a sales consultant job near me? Visit USA Motor Jobs now, we have the sales consultant job that fits you.

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Jobs in all motorized equipment sector available on USAMotorjobs, the place to find a job as a automotive salesman job (sales consultant) that fits your criteria. Jobs in the sales automotive field are available near you. Asking yourself or Google to find a automotive salesman job near me? Visit now, we have the new or used automotive sales job that fits you.

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Create your automotive sales job profile quickly and respond to job offers that fits your criteria. As soon as a new or used automotive sales job is available to fit your profile as a new or used automotive sales guru (automotive salesman), you will get a notification. Also available tools: Close to home automotive job finder, desired salary, work schedule, distance calculator and more!

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If you'r a automotive person and looking to start in the automotive sales industry, visit USAMotorJobs and find the top automotive product genius jobs available. As a "Product Genius", You will be the "go-to" person for staff and customers when it comes to the function, benefits and explanations of all advanced automotive features. The automotive product genius person is responsible for delivering comprehensive automotive product information throughout the new automotive or used sales processes.

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A automotive salesperson is responsible for generating trust and long term relationships with the customer while keeping the dealer's interests in mind. A automotive car salesperson acts as the link between the dealership and the customer during the process of buying a new or used vehicle. automotive salespersons work for a automotive dealership. These dealerships can sell new vehicles, used vehicles or both. A good automotive salesperson that writes good numbers can advance to the Sales Manager position.

There is no specific education required to become a automotive salesperson. Almost all dealerships will want candidates to possess a high school diploma with most preferring some college. A degree in marketing or sales can be use as a automotive salesperson. In addition, any automotive experience in the field is a plus for find a job on A lot of a automotive salesperson's job is communication with customers and the automotive dealership staff. Excellent communication skills are highly desired.

How much do car salesperson make?

How much a salesman makes can vary based on many factors, including experience, education and skill, or the company's location and volume of car sales. The car salesman national average salary is $ 65 000 / year in the USA. It is common for a salesman to have a basic salary with commission, thus making a more experience car salesman with higher sales volume earn more than a salesperson starting in the business.

How does a car sales consultant earn money?

A car salesman is likely to work for a car new or car dealership and receive a relatively low starting salary. To compensate for this low base wage, they earn the majority of their salary from car sales commissions, which a percentage of the total sale price or profit on the car sold. The percentage that a salesman earns when they make a sale can vary. Car salespeople usually have a goal of cars that they need to sell each month (sales objective). If they surpass this number, they usually receive a bonus or other kind of advantage.

The skills of the salesman will often determine how much they earn each month or year. The more new or used cars a salesman can sell, the more money and bonuses they can earn. A good car salesman can make a six-figure income if they can sell a large number of cars consistently month after month. Any increase or decrease in their car sales metrics can cause their income for each year to fluctuate drastically. Locations of the dealership, brands, car availability, financial program, competitor nearby can all play in the car salesman expected salary.

Sales consultant salary in Florida
Cavender Nissan Rockwall
Cavender Nissan Rockwall

Sales Consultant


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Cavender Nissan Rockwall

Cavender Nissan Rockwall

New vehicles dealership

1700 Interstate 30
Rockwall, TX

Business profile
Earning potential

up to $100,000

+ bonuses

Job status
Cavender Nissan Rockwall
1700 Interstate 30
Rockwall, TX
On site
Schedule 1 : Variable hours

Monday :09h00 to 20h00

Tuesday :09h00 to 20h00

Wednesday :09h00 to 20h00

Thursday :09h00 to 20h00

Friday :09h00 to 20h00

To perform the following tasks
  • New vehicle sales
  • Pre-owned vehicle sales
  • Customer follow-up
  • Delivery and explanation of vehicles sold
  • Follow-up on web requests
  • Follow-up with potential clients
  • Telephone / email solicitation
Working conditions
  • 401K Retirement
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Bonus for employee referrals
  • Competitive compensation
  • Dental insurance plan
  • Employees assistance program
  • Employees discounts
  • Flexible hours
  • Life insurance plan
  • Medical insurance
  • No State Taxes
  • Paid time off
  • Performance bonus
  • Vision insurance plan
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1 year as a Sales Consultant

Spoken languages
  • English
Written languages
  • English
  • Computer skills
Driver's license
  • Passenger Car Driver's License
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